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SAT Subject Tests: To Take Or Not To Take?

One of the most frequent questions students (and their families) have is — do they have to stake the SAT subject test? In the current frenzied college admissions landscape, it can feel like almost every student is prepping for some SAT subject test. And then students (parents) start to feel FOLO, Fear Of Losing Out about not taking a subject test.

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Every year, O’s List likes to analyze the UC admissions, simply because we are a California based startup and we totally love the UC’s, as the UC’s do truly provide a world class education. In 2018, we have anecdotally heard that UC admissions were very competitive for California high school students in 2018. Furthermore, reports by Inside Higher Ed seemed to confirm that it was a challenging admissions environment.

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While STEM majors garner a lot of attention in the job market (that’s another post!), many of the most popular majors by graduation numbers are non STEM majors such as history, social sciences, economics, etc. What are the job prospects of graduates in these majors? What kind of jobs are specifically advertised for liberal arts majors? Sometimes it can be hard to get a sense of the employment opportunities of the majors until one is actively seeking a job.

Where are Students Applying Today?

Until a few years ago, most students either applied to their closest in-state public universities or private colleges for their college education. That paradigm has changed today with students applying to a wider combination of university types.

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In 2018, it feels like almost every STEM major is popular and on an upward tick in popularity. Is that a fair assessment? It is quite instructive to take look at these disciplines through time. So, let’s hop on our time machine and go through number of graduates in biology, physical sciences, computer science, engineering and psychology.