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Neuroscience is an increasingly popular undergraduate major with the number of bachelor’s degree holders more than doubling over the last decade. In 2012, there were over 3700 graduates and in 2020 it has topped 8800 graduates with over 200 colleges offering the major.

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Early Decision 2 (ED2) is a second round of Early Decision applications to a college. Many times, ED2 deadlines are concurrent with the regular decision deadlines, while in other cases, ED2 deadlines can be before the regular decision deadlines.

Not every college with an early decision application has a ED2 round. Let’s take a look and see why colleges offer ED2 and why do students apply for ED2.

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The University of California campuses of Los Angeles, Berkeley, San Diego, Irvine, Davis and Santa Barbara are among the most sought-after colleges by students. Last year, applications topped 100,000 at some of these campuses. With so much interest, there is bound to be some majors which are more sought after as compared to others. These high demand majors can be very selective, and in some cases have a cap on enrollment. While other high demand majors may not have a capped enrolment, they can be very competitive for applicants. Some campuses allow students to choose an alternate major in which case the University of California recommends that students choose an alternate major if their first-choice major is a competitive or capped high demand major.

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Nearly 250 institutions including many private colleges, a few public universities and some scholarship entities need students and parents to file the CSS Profile in addition to the FAFSA for determination of student financial aid. Just like the FAFSA 2022-23, the CSS Profile 2022-23 opened for filing from October 1, 2021.

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Dear College Applicants/Students and their Parents,

Are you looking for financial aid to pay for college? Did you know that you can get financial aid from the government and colleges by filing just one form? Yes! It is really that easy. The form is known as FAFSA. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form is used by the federal and state governments and colleges to determine how much need based aid you can be awarded.

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Often candidates for entry level data science positions find that they need to differentiate themselves is by having domain knowledge. Very rarely are employers looking to employ an entry level data science graduate for solving a general or a company wide problem. Most of the times employers are looking to solve a reasonably narrow set of issues or are looking for experience in a particular domain. While domain knowledge is not a substitute for experience, it can help a candidate gain extra skills or working with domain specific software tools. Understanding the nuances of the field and the requirements differentiates a candidate from other candidates with generalized data science knowledge and skill sets. The reason for is that companies hire data analysts or data scientist with prior experience with their “particular problem” and rarely hire all round generalist data science candidates.

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Data Science is a brand new major that has evolved for the last four years. In response to the extreme interest generated by teach jobs,cColleges are rushing to offer students a major, minor, certificate in data science. Before you sign up for a program in data science and part with hard earned cash and your valuable time, it is important for you to look under the hood to see if you will have the relevant skills to justify pursuing the major. Understanding the academic aspects of a data science major is critical in gaining insight into your employment prospects or doing academic research in one of the data science tracks.

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Data Science is the new buzzword, a red hot career moniker and seems to be mushrooming everywhere - across career sites and social media platforms. Every job search site is filled with hundreds of listings for data scientists, data analysts, machine learning engineers etc. There are thousands of questions posted across Quora, Reddit and other platforms asking for advice about how to become a data scientist. Many bootcamps advertise 2-6 month programs to becoming a data scientist. Colleges are responding to the interest by offering bachelors and masters programs in data science. This post is for high school and college students looking for an introduction to the data science ecosystem.

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Freelancing is a great way to get into journalism. However, it does take a lot of hustle, determination, luck and knowledge of the landscape to freelance and get your article, photo or video published by an established publication. In this post we are going to describe some of the ways to freelance and offer tips that may help you as you begin your freelance journey.