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Liberal Arts Majors (Part 2): Where the Jobs Are

Got Jobs? © Sameer Gupta, 2018. All rights reserved.
Got Jobs? © Sameer Gupta, 2018. All rights reserved.

While STEM majors garner a lot of attention in the job market (that’s another post!), many of the most popular majors by graduation numbers are non STEM majors such as history, social sciences, economics, etc. What are the job prospects of graduates in these majors? What kind of jobs are specifically advertised for liberal arts majors? Sometimes it can be hard to get a sense of the employment opportunities of the majors until one is actively seeking a job.

Looking at outcomes for the major is important along with assessing a college, its department, the program and the social, emotional, educational philosophy of the college. Most college students do this research by their junior/senior year if not earlier, as it applies not just to jobs but also to internship and summer opportunities. Many students find that internship and summer opportunities lead to their getting an offer of employment either from the company where they did the internship or even a competing company.

We looked at job sites such as Indeed and LinkedIn, two of the biggest job search engines to get a sense of the jobs that are looking for graduates in specific disciplines. We cleaned up the data quite a bit so that we get a clear sense of the various fields where students can look for their first internship, summer program or entry level position.

Most common jobs advertised by major for select Liberal Arts majors (data collected from Indeed and analyzed by O's List)
Figure 1: Most common jobs advertised in June 2018 for select Liberal Arts majors (Data collected from indeed.com. Analyzed by O's List)

There are many jobs which are common to the four majors we looked at and some which are distinct to each major. Teaching, marketing, sales, business development, research, are some of the most popular areas that look for graduates in liberal arts majors. If you are thinking about a Liberal Arts major in college, we hope that this post will help also you think about the possible areas which you should explore for future internship and employment opportunities.